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Glorious Locavorious

On Prairie Home Companion Garrison Keillor is always describing the character-building virtues of wintertime; the fact that people from cold climates are often faced with hardships that require "intestinal fortitude," as Mr. Keillor's high school English teacher no doubt said.  

And it's true, that here in the frozen north winter taketh away. Taketh away heat, light, green, and soft. And leaves behind sere, blank, enamel gray. 

Growing Michigan's Endangered Foods

It's a balmy 34º here on the first day of February and the air has that soft, earthy smell like spring is on its way.  It may still be hibernation,  hearty casserole and hot chocolate time of year, but a girl can dream that we don't have 3 more full months of winter before that green haze starts wisping across the trees when spring actually does arrive.  A desperate yearning for tiny shoots of green makes this seed catalog time of year. …

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