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Sweet Valentine for You and ... Food Gatherers

So Tammy over at Tammy's Tastings has been hosting her TT Supper Club fundraising dinners for almost a year now.  For $50 per person she serves a small group an incredible multi-course menu, based on what's in season at the farmers market. All funds beyond the cost of the food go to help organizations like: Preserving TraditionsEarthworks Urban Farm and Capuchin Soup Kitchen in Detroit, Growing Hope

Choosing Your CSA Farm Share: Seven Selection Criteria (plus a consideration)

Mary Wessel Walker of Community Farm Kitchen says "Oh Say Can You CSA?"™

It would make a fitting new national anthem this year in particular.  Among our Local Food Victories of the past year, one is an amazing proliferation in the number and kinds of CSA farm shares that are available to the good people of fair Ann Arbor and environs.  

In case you haven't heard of it before, Community Supported Agriculture or a (

Resolutionary Road

It seems like a lot of people are getting into this local eating thing, taking the 3rd Annual Dark Days Challenge, and since it's the first of the year, making resolutions to do more with the local.  I did the first annual Dark Days Challenge a couple of years ago and now it seems hard to believe how I used to shop and eat. Resolved: I will not buy or eat food-like substances.  Resolved: I will spend as much of my food budget as possible directly with the people who grow the food. 

Farmers Marketing in San Diego Christmas 2009

December is the season for Persephone's mythical pomegranates, honey-sweet persimmons, meltingly rich avocados, rare red walnuts, aromatic guavas, and bright citrus -  in southern California. If you read Edible San Diego, you'll see that the tents that line the street of the Little Italy Mercato, on a hill with a view of the sky-blue ocean and within a persimmon-throw of the airport, form one of the biggest and best of the San Diego farmers markets.  …
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