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It's Pie Time

I'm indulging my fixation on pie by reading up about it in my new favorite book (great Christmas gift from the fabulous DH) "The Oxford Companion to American Food and Drink," Andrew Smith, editor.   It's sort of obvious that American settlers brought pie with them from England. Back when it was a more of a solid subsistence food than the temperamental dessert we now enjoy,  you could put pretty much anything inside (muskrat, purslane?) …

Meatloaf: Finally Trendy

In case you were basing your menus on the latest trends in food, here's some critical information about 2009 from the Houston Chronicle

"If you’re a homebody who enjoys making a big pan of macaroni and cheese, or eating a hearty, homemade stew instead of going to a fancy restaurant, congratulations: You are among the trendiest people in the country.

Comfort foods, simple meals, home cooking and recession-proof dining will be the buzzwords in the food world for 2009, according to trend-spotters and market experts. …

Special Tea

Do you play the tea game? Feminini-tea. Spontanei-tea. Communi-tea. Plausibili-tea. Inani-tea. I don't know why I get such a kick out of that but I do.

For Christmas, Miss A. sent something special from Shanghai that I had never tried before - Chinese flowering tea balls.  I had heard of these and seen photos, but never gotten to try one.  With the cold weather we're having inside our 140 year old house on these freezing days, tea is perfect because it warms from the inside out. …

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