Another Turn of the Crank: Farm Share Season Returns

Finally, finally, finally the time of year when our week revolves around what's in the box from Tantré Farm.  

It's an interesting evolution that people go through in the process of deciding on a CSA membership - the first response from non-believers is that it's too confining to have to eat whatever is in the box that week.  Better just to buy what you want, they say. 

But I've come to believe the opposite.  I'm so overwhelmed with the colors, faces, smells and activity, I already know I probably don't see half of what's at the market each week. It's better to get my own personal package of our farm's expression of that particular moment of the season I say.  As a Tantré member, I'm party and witness to the individual and collective genius of what Richard and Deb bring forth from those 11 cultivated acres (or is it more this year?) of their farm. Each and every week. 

And I play my part in this produce communion, this vegetable dance with gleeful expectation and thoughtful anticipation of what I might create from the palette of flavors, textures and colors they've given me.  The trip to my house is that fateful "last mile."  Thanks to the DH, now in high carbon-free style.  And the trip to our plates is always a lovely adventure, where I get to use every part of my own knowledge, skill and imagination to put something nourishing on our table. 

Kate, who just picked up her first farm share box last Wednesday, says she decided on Tantré because Deb has magical powers. And it must be true, because without any prompting, Kate's already worked out her menu for the week. She's already doing her part of the Great Vegetable Dance without even knowing it existed. 

That's the secret - when you belong to a farm as a CSA member, it also belongs to you. It may be a subtle change in perspective.  You're part of it, but it literally becomes part of you.  


On our menu this week:

Spring Salade Nicoise (asparagus, lettuce, potatoes, radishes, mizuna, eggs, olives, maybe tuna)

Garlic Veggie Casserole (potatoes, greens, tomatoes, garlic, hot pepper, white beans, kalamata olives,  covered with toasty cheese, sitting on top of some kind of grain like quinoa or couscous)

Radish Sandwich (buttered bread with thinly sliced radishes and sea salt)

Spinach Pie (filo, butter, feta, spinach, chives, yogurt or cottage cheese, dill, eggs)

Bread Pudding with Strawberry Rhubarb Sauce (eggs, milk, sugar, bread with strawberries and stewed rhubarb)

And maybe Kate's recipe for Chlodnik

This week's farm share includes: 

- Asparagus: 

- Chives

- Green onions

- Lettuce (red and green) 

- Mizuna

- Potatoes

- Radishes (pink and French Breakfast)

- Rhubarb

- Spinach

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