Ann Arbor Local Turkey Round-up for 2010

I guess I've been kind of scarce around the old blog for a while. But perhaps it's time to dust it off. Thanksgiving is suddenly just 2 weeks away and we're having the family over to our house this year.  I don't know whether to be happy that in my fourth decade I'm finally adult enough to host, or sad that my grandmother ending her eighth decade is getting a little too tired to host.  She's only bringing the pies and the famous cheeseball.  But I'm going to be responsible for the turkey and the chestnut stuffing for sure. I'm looking forward to that chestnut stuffing.  

We were lucky to get a turkey through our great meat  CSA, but  I made a few calls to update my list of potential turkey sources anyway.  I like getting a turkey from a real person who raised it, and going to pick it up has become one of several nice Thanksgiving rituals that bring the meaning of the holiday just a little bit closer.

Back Forty Acres   
Type of turkey: Broadbreasted white OR Heritage breeds  Slate and Bourbon Red

Size: 15-25 lbs.
Price per pound: Broadbreasted white: $4.25/lb; Heritage: $7.25/lb

Pastured? Yes, in pens

Pickup: Nov. 21

Phone: 517-522-6976, 734-649-1078

Location: 16477 Heim, Chelsea, MI

Dawn Farm

Type of turkey: Broad breasted white
Size: 15-35, most 20-25
Price per pound: $2.25

Pastured? Cage free

Pickup: 11/23 after 6pm

Phone: 734-485-8725
Email: N/A

Location: 6633 Stony Creek Road, Ypsilanti, MI  

Ernst Farm (has turkeys, but haven't been able to get hold of them)
Type of turkey:
Price per pound:



Phone: 734.662.8085.
Email: N/A

Location: 9440 Spies Rd. west of Ann Arbor 

Fletcher Farm

Type of turkey:  Broadbreasted white
Size: 18-30
Price per pound: $3.25

Pastured? Organically fed, free range, no hormones

Pickup: Nov. 23 and 24, 9:30am until they're gone. Call before coming out.

Phone: 734-663-8649

Location:  1331 S Zeeb Rd., Ann Arbor, MI



Chickens - $4.99/lb, organically fed, free range

Ducks - $4.95/lb. 

Maybe geese - didn't do too well.  $4.99/lb

John Harnois

Type of turkey:  Broadbreasted white (also grows Narragansett, but these have all been pre-sold)
Size: 15-24 lbs.
Price per pound: $4.50/lb.

Pastured? Free range, local feed (Adrian)

Pickup: Nov. 19th, after 7pm

Phone: 734-645-0300

Location: 9260 Scully Road, Whitmore Lake, MI

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