About Ye Farmer's Marketeer

She be a lady marketeer, yea with a childe and a husbande. She doth abide in the Arbour of Anne  midst fine gardens and small lands. She be called by the name of Kimberly - "from the royal fortress meadow."  Sendeth her a poste through the ether: kim@thefarmersmarketer.com

The Farmer's Marketer's parents taught her that real food is made at home and shared with your family and loved ones.  Her parents instilled in her a love of the finer things - especially pie and toast.  She first noticed that beets were delicious when spending summers with her beloved grandparents near Durand, MI.  From her grandparents' half-acre garden, the future Farmer's Marketer helped to shell peas, weed beans, make gooseberry pies and freeze corn.  She was also offered the opportunity to slap the hogs, but declined. 

The Farmer's Marketer has marketed in many of the United States as well as extensively in Paris, France and Road Town, Tortola BVI. The Farmer's Marketer currently lives and markets in Ann Arbor, MI where she now grows some of her own vegetables in her backyard and  is moving into the front yard. She cajoles her daughter and husband into marketing with her from time to time, but dearly misses her longtime friend and early-morning companion in farmer's marketing - Nancy Osborn. 

Seriously Now

Kim is a free-lance writer and culinary researcher with a degree in Library and Information Science from the University of Michigan. She has written and researched for One Big Table (by Molly O'Neill),  Easy Edibles (by Sheri Repucci) and the C.S. Mott Group for Sustainable Agriculture.  Kim is a regular contributor at annarbor.com, and her work has appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, Michigan Home and Lifestyle Magazine, Edible WOW, Slow Food International, The Michigan Daily, and NowPublic.com. 

Kim chairs the leadership team of Slow Food Huron Valley and is a board member for the HomeGrown Festival and the Food System Economic Partnership. She is an active volunteer at the Janice Bluestein Longone Culinary Archive at the William L. Clements Library and a member of the Culinary Historians of Ann Arbor.  Kim's interviews of the food community are available via podcast from Friday Mornings @SELMA, and she has co-hosted WCBN's Arborama Radio Show.

Kim's latest venture is a CSA Matchmaking Service

Please contact kim@thefarmersmarketer.com to discuss food-related research, writing, tours, foraging, marketing and CSA consulting. 

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